What people are saying about Roderick Hill:

"The prodigal son of the title is...a dynamite Roderick Hill...Mr Hill, who delivers a physically precise and surprisingly emotional performance, captures the tragedy of Eustace." - The New York Times

"Roderick Hill's kaleidoscopic Eustace...snaps open his eyes, seems to smirk, and stares at us. Blond, boyish, star-in-the-making Hill has a part in this caper, flipping on and off like light bulbs the Eustace who schemes and the one who's real...Hill's charismatic performance is as deep as it is dazzling, and not to be missed." - New York Press

"...an accomplished cast, led by the wonderful Roderick Hill...The show's success rests on Hill's slenderish shoulders, and he proves up to the task. Having impressed in projects as diverse as The Irish Curse, Butley, and even Lestat, this attractive and accomplished actor creates a fully-rounded portrayal of Eustace, never shying away from his less-than-appealing qualities while also creating a man who, appearances to the contrary, actually deserves our empathy. Hill manages to wring both the laughs and the tears from Hankin's script...With any luck, Hill will return immediately to the stage in another project, as soon as the worthy Return of the Prodigal concludes its run." -Theatermania

"...the production...is centered by Hill's impeccable work as the mercurial Eustace..."- American Theater Web

"Best of all is Roderick Hill as the title character. He lets enough of the underlying frustration show through Eustace's screwball comedy flippancy to set the stage for the final confrontation with his father..."- Curtain Up

"Roderick Hill is a total charmer..."- Theater Scene

"...the cast is superb, with Roderick Hill giving a breakout performance..."- Next Magazine

"Roderick Hill is Hally...(in Master Harold...and the boys)...and his sudden outbursts, if not revealed by the circumstances, would give the effect of psychosis, they are so powerful..."- Themestream.com

"Roderick Hill is superb as poor, unhappy 17-year-old Hally, an emotionally disturbed boy on the brink of manhood"- The Spectator

"Hill does a fine job conveying the nuances of the boy...and it's heart-rending to watch."- The News & Observer

"Hill is quite remarkable..."- The Daily Tar Heel

"Also outstanding, bringing a cougar's intensity to Shakespeare's most unmotivated villian, is Roderick Hill."- Scene